Tiger Challenge Cohort 13 (2023-2024) - Application

Thank you for applying to Princeton University's Tiger Challenge program in the Keller Center. For any questions, please contact Jessica Leung. You can find more information about all the objectives, goals, and structure of the program on the Tiger Challenge website

This application is for projects beginning June 2023

The application for Social Impact Designer in the Tiger Challenge is a Princeton University Fellowship that is: 
  1. Full-time internship from late-May to August. Note that the first 5 weeks of the Tiger Challenge will be in person at Princeton University with housing provided. The last 5 weeks of the program will be remote, conducted over Zoom.
  2. PLUS: A year-long studio course in the 2023-2024 academic year (granted one course credit after two semesters; can be used to fulfill the breath course requirement for the ENT Cert); 
  3. an OPTION: To continue in summer 2024 and/or in the 2024-2025 academic year (for JP/Thesis or course grade). 
All years and majors, undergraduates and graduates, are encouraged to apply. Tiger Challenge is eligible to fulfill the PRACTICUM requirement for the Entrepreneurship Certificate. 
Summer 2023 Challenges
Challenges to begin in June 2023: (subject to final confirmation in March)


A. Program Associates: Helping run and design the Tiger Challenge program itself! (Prerequisite, any one of: Tiger Challenge or ENT 200)

B. The Downpour Detour challenge:
Empowering local residents to mitigate stormwater at home
How might we take actions toward the realities of climate crises from our own backyard?

C. The Healing Arts, Expressive Parks challenge:
Exploring mental healing through arts and nature
How might we tap into the healing power of the arts while being immersed in nature?

Decrying covert racism toward Asian Americans
How might we put an end to and make visible the silent suffering of Asian Americans? 

E. The Maneuvering Micro-Mobility challenge:
Making micro-transportation equitable for all
How might we future-proof micro-mobility to provide safe, healthy, and equitable mobility?

Let's get to know you!

We are assembling multi-disciplinary teams with diverse personalities, backgrounds, and interests. Placement on a team is not solely based on qualifications but also fit.
Application Questions

Creative Exercise - Read the 4 Tiger Challenge role cards below:

Thank you for applying to the Tiger Challenge! 
Should you have any questions, please contact program director Jessica Leung at leungjj@princeton.edu