Paralegal Studies Internship Requirement

POSC 811 consists of 3 required Saturday Zoom class meetings, and a 120-hour internship, to be completed during one's final 8-week session in the Paralegal Studies program. Students must complete Legal Research and Writing I, Legal Research and Writing II, Litigation I, Litigation II, and Computer Applications for Paralegals prior to enrolling in POSC 811.

During the first class meeting, students will receive a list of approved employers who have previously hired CSUEB students as interns. Students can select an employer from that list to make contact with to arrange for an internship placement.

The Internship Coordinator will be available during this process to assist students with making suitable employer selections and aid in the process of securing the internship. Students may find their own internship or may use a current employer as their internship provider. The Internship Coordinator must approve of all internship placements prior to the start of the internship and students must be enrolled in POSC 811 while completing the internship in order to receive credit for the work completed.

Students who reside outside of the San Francisco Bay Area may need to take steps to find and secure their internship placements as our approved employer list is primarily made up of Bay Area employers.
The Internship Coordinator will assist students, as needed, during this process.

Internship Requirement Waiver

Students who have significant work experience as a paralegal or in a position that is significantly similar to that of a paralegal may request a waiver of the internship requirements.

To request a waiver, please complete the form below.
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