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1. Generator Interconnection applications are required for all Generating Facilities and Energy Storage Devices (batteries) that will interconnect and operate in parallel with utility provided electric service.  

2. Submission of this Generator Interconnection Application begins Hetch Hetchy Power’s assessment of electrical system needs and capacity related to the proposed interconnection request. It does not guarantee that SFPUC will be able to accommodate the request or provide Net Energy Metering service.

3. For detailed rules governing Electric Service and Customer-owned Generators see “City and County of San Francisco, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, Power Enterprise, Rules and Regulations Governing Electric Services" which can be found at sfpuc.org/rates.

Part I - Select Program
A. Distribution System Mechanism Type

B. Application Type

C. Net Energy Metering

Part II – Contact Information
A. Electric Account Information Pertaining to the Proposed Point of Interconnection

B. Customer Contact Information (Primary contact for correspondence related to Interconnection)

C. Generating Facility Installer

D. Authorized Contact Information (Authorized contact (Project Manager) related to Interconnection)

E. Designated On-site Contact Information (On-site contact to meet with any inspectors related to Interconnection, for general facility operations questions, and other emergencies.)

Part III – Description of the Generating Facility
A. Variances from PG&E's Distribution Interconnection Handbook (DIH) and Greenbook Requirements

B. Interconnection Type

C. Generating Facility Basic Information
Solar PV and Other Electric Generators

_______ Amps at _______ Volts

Demand Load: ____ kVA (AC) at ____ Volts

Energy Storage Devices (ESD)

Transformer Information

D. Initial Operation Date

The SFPUC is unable to make any guarantees as to achieving PTO deadlines, particularly where Points of Interconnection are on the PG&E distribution grid.  It is the Applicant’s responsibility to provide ample time for Interconnection document processing and Inspection scheduling.
E. Warranty Information
Note: You must select "Yes" to at least one of the questions. If you select "No" to both questions, the application will be rejected.

F. Generating Facility Components
For Solar, provide the below information. 

For all generator types including Solar and ESD’s (batteries), see Application Section V - Additional Information and Attachments for information that must be provided. 
Solar Inverter
Manufacturer  Model         Number Nameplate Rating (kW)
Efficiency Rating  (%)
Output Voltage Rating  Software Version Quantity
California Energy Commission (CEC) ratings for inverters available here.
Solar Photovoltaic Panel
Manufacturer  Model             Number Nameplate Rating
PTC Rating  (W/unit)
Total Nameplate Capacity (W)   Quantity
PTC: PVUSA Test Conditions. PTC ratings for PV modules available here.
AC Disconnect Switch
Manufacturer Model Number Rating (amps)     Quantity
Part IV– Customer information
A. Generating Facility Owner

B. Electric Account Holder Information to be included on Generating Facility Interconnection Agreement (GFIA)
The Customer information provided will be that of the Electric Service Account holder, who shall be the signatory of the Interconnection Agreement.

Part V - Additional Information and Attachments
A. Documents Included in this Application

B. Any other relevant information:
Applicant acknowledges that this Application is subject to the SFPUC's Rules and Regulations Governing Electric Service that can be found at sfpuc.org/ratesBy clicking "Submit" below, I agree that the information contained in this form is correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any changes made to the above information or attached documents may increase the time required for SFPUC to provide information or modification to the existing electric service at the requested service address.