BSF Nourish The Service
Blue Star Families Nourish the Service Community Recipe Box

Please submit your recipe for a chance to be featured on the Nourish the Service webpage. Nourish the Service is a Blue Star Families program that focuses on addressing food insecurity in military and Veteran families. If you would like to share more than one recipe, we invite you to complete a separate form.


Important note: your recipe must be sufficiently original. It is okay if you have been inspired by someone else, but your recipe must not be a copy of someone else's, and the descriptions of the steps in the recipe must not be copied from elsewhere.


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Please list the ingredients in order of use, line by line, along with the exact measurements. Abbreviations: cup = c.; tablespoon = tbsp.; teaspoon = tsp.; pound = lb.; ounce = oz.; package = pkg.; quart = qt.; pint = pt.
Please be as clear and thorough as possible, and add one instruction per line
By submitting your recipe, you are granting Blue Star Families a non-exclusive right to publish the recipe, along with your personal information shared above, on its website and through social media and other communications. While we truly appreciate the time you take to submit a recipe, please understand that Blue Star Families is under no obligation to publish your submission. We do not publish any previously published work. Any content that has appeared in any publication, print or web would be considered previously published, which also includes self-published work. Please also note that Blue Star Families has the right to edit the content if required.