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Thank you for beginning the process to become an Avodah placement for the 2023-2024 Service Corps year. This application contains questions that will help us determine what our partnership will be in the year to come. There are some short answer questions, longer essays, and a place for you to clarify the job that you hope to have a Corps Member fill.

Please make sure to save your application often. When you save your application, you will receive an automated email with instructions on how you can return to complete it. For longer essay questions, we suggest you draft them in a location outside of the actual application and then copy/paste them into the spaces below.

Organizational Background

As Avodah works to move our internal organizational culture towards greater accessibility and inclusion, we are similarly invested in how our partner placements commit to this work, too. Please share some additional information with us below on how your organization is integrating these kinds of efforts into your internal work culture.

Please indicate for how many years the following people have been employed on your staff:

Additional Questions

Organization Contacts

Regular supervision is a crucial part of the Avodah experience for our Corps Members.  We expect a Corps Member’s supervisor to meet with them at least every other week to go over their work and support them in their workplace related development and growth.
Who will be the Corps Member's supervisor?

Who will be the Corps Member's secondary supervisor?

Send Contract to Supervisor

Who should we send the contract to?

Send invoice to supervisor

Who should we send the invoice to at your organization?

Who else should receive information about the applicants?

Please note that the information provided here will be given to the candidates with little editing or reformatting. Once a role is approved, any changes to the job description at any point must be mutually agreed upon by Avodah, the Corps Member, and the Placement.
Volunteer Role Description

Service Environment

Status of Position

Please provide the following information on the location(s) where the Avodah Corps Member will serve.  If multiple locations, please indicate the days and hours at each:


Additional Information

Financial Information

Annual Placement Fee: This fee paid to Avodah is a nonrefundable one-time fee that is used to defray Avodah’s costs to recruit, place and support the Corps Member. The Annual Placement Fee is calculated on a sliding-scale basis according to your organization's budget.

Please enter numbers only without any symbols.
For the 2023-2024 Partnership year, the placement fee per Corps Member is: