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Thank you for applying to the National Teen Board!

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Before you get started, please check out this Application Guide and FAQ:

The application guide consists of two parts: Essay Tips and Tricks and Frequently Asked Questions.

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Please select TWO of the following questions to respond to. You may respond in either:
Two short essays of no more than 300 words typed into the form below.


A video of yourself fully answering the questions. Both answers should be together in a single video, of no longer than 5 minutes. If you choose this option, upload your video below.

Choose your projects!
Every National Teen Board member has the opportunity to serve as a youth leader on one of six projects. Your work on these projects will have a deep national impact in creating safe inclusive spaces that connect and uplift youth across the nation.

You can find detailed descriptions of each project and a selection guide here.

Please read through the document carefully. Then rank the projects below from 1st (most excited about) to 8th (least excited about).

During your time on the National Teen Board you may serve on more than one project. You will also have an opportunity to switch projects should you join the NTB. This is just to get a sense of your interests.
Which projects are for you? (Please rank them from your 1st to your 8th choice)
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