2024 Summer Festival

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It's fantastic you're joining the whānau at New Wine's 2024 Summer Festival. 

You're the household contact, yay! That means we're going to be asking you a few questions about you, your group and stuff you want to tell us. Please note the family discount is for whānau living at the same address.

Let's get started!

To be printed on your name tag
If you don't have one, write "N/A"
If serving on a zone team select that zone in this field
Churches are listed alphabetically by city/town then suburb and church name

Festival Details
State the day(s), and whether they're full days, mornings or afternoon/evenings
The following questions are to inform the programmes of children aged 10 or younger.

New Wine's policy is that all children under the age of 7 years must be picked up from the programme by a nominated adult.

There will be official photographers on site. Children may feature in photos on our website and publications. To request that this not happen you must submit a letter to the New Wine office with a recent photograph of the child.

Thanks for applying to help on a team. People involved on teams at New Wine events carry considerable responsibility. New Wine needs to ensure that those engaged in ministry are appropriately gifted and experienced, are willing to accept training, and will follow the guidelines set out for this ministry.

Give details of any experience you have relevant to the team you're applying for. Include brief details of the groups and activities you belong to in your church.
Referee 1 (Church leader)
If you are the church leader put the name of another church leader you have regular contact with, or put Lydia Read c/- New Wine Office, lydia@newwine.org.nz 
Referee 2 (not a family member)

By submitting this I declare that the information contained in this application is true and correct, that I have read the New Wine NZ Policy Document and agree to abide by its policies, procedures and guidelines.
You've said you're staying onsite in a tent, caravan or campervan. Awesome! Let us know what you're bringing.
(Note: light power is only available on the field eg LED lights, chargers, sleep machines. Appliances that draw heavy power will be allocated plugs around the outside of the field eg fridges, toasters, kettles)

Getting to New Wine can be financially difficult for some. Christians have a hallmark of sharing each other's burdens. We have created the GRACE BOX as a means of sharing that hallmark of generosity.

If you would like to add money into the Grace Box note it below (a donation receipt will be issued at financial year end). 

If you require financial assistance, request it below and complete an online Subsidy Application Form or call the New Wine Office on 0800 639 9463.

The Stewards would appreciate knowing what car belongs to which person