2023 Fee Assistance Application (Returning Participants)

Our policy at Loudoun Therapeutic Riding is never to turn anyone away because they cannot pay the session fees. To help ensure this, our fees are reduced by 77% from their actual cost for every participant; military veterans are not charged at all. This is thanks to gifts and grants from Loudoun County, individuals, businesses and corporations, and foundations.

Thanks to the generosity of these donors, we can provide additional fee assistance beyond the 77% to a limited number of participants.

We have made several changes to our application for those seeking the additional fee assistance. These changes will help us comply with the requirements of some of these grants and gifts.

You will fill out the application below once per year at the start of your first session of the year. Once your fee reduction is determined, it may be applied for the entire year. This is a change from prior years when you would apply with each new session cycle.

Fee assistance applications must be submitted before you are invoiced. This is a change from previous years when you could apply for assistance after you received your invoice. If your circumstances change, please fill out a new application for consideration at the time you sign up for a new session. If you no longer need fee assistance, please notify us.

Those awarding the fee assistance are knowledgeable about the costs and demands of living with disabilities. That knowledge will be taken into consideration.

If you need the additional fee reduction, please fill out the application below: