NEADS  NEADS Assistance Dog Application 

Please use this application if you are a full-time professional working with a vulnerable or special needs population and would like to integrate an Assistance Dog into your work.

Given that Assistance Dogs do not have the same public access rights as those afforded Service Dogs under the ADA, NEADS will discuss, during the interview process, the parameters under which an Assistance Dog can work in your place of employment.
Applicant Information

Personal Contact Information

NEADS dogs are Labrador retrievers. Please visit (ADI) to help you find an organization that can meet your needs. 

Employment details

Please note: NEADS will require a letter from your employer stating that you are able to integrate a NEADS Assistance Dog into your work. NEADS will provide details about what's required during the application review process.

Clientele and Work Environment

Volunteer Activities

Please note: NEADS may ask for a letter from the volunteer organization stating that you are able to bring a Service Dog to volunteer. This will be determined during the interview process.

Please note: NEADS will discuss the impact of your schooling and your schedule during the interview process.
Emergency Contact Information
Emergency Contact Information
Who can we contact in the event of an emergency?

Who will help you with the dog's care if you are sick or cannot get outside?

Home Environment

Apartment Details

Yard details

Rental details
If you are renting, please fill details below.

If you are accepted to the NEADS program, we will need to have written permission for you to have an Assistance Dog in your home.

Please note: NEADS will require a letter from all adults in your immediate household stating that they are aware that an Assistance Dog may be placed with the applicant and understand the implications for the household. NEADS will provide details about what's required during the application review process.
Current Dog and Other Pet Information
Dog Ownership History

Caring for your Future Assistance Dog
NEADS clients are responsible for providing appropriate care and exercise and a healthy, safe environment for their Assistance Dog. Please answer the following questions to help us understand the environment you will provide for your Assistance Dog should you be accepted into the NEADS program.


Hold the shift key to select multiple options.

Hold the shift key to select multiple options.

A reminder that NEADS Assistance Dogs do not have public access under the ADA. During the interview process, NEADS will discuss any arrangements that may need to be made during vacations or family travel.
Assistance Dog Training
All clients are trained with their dogs at the NEADS campus in Princeton, MA.

We're sorry, but we are unable to proceed with your application. Training at the NEADS campus is integral to the success of our Assistance Dog teams and a required part of our program. You can read more about our client training here. 
If accepted for an Assistance Dog, when the right dog has been selected, we typically provide 4 weeks notice prior to training.

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You will receive two emails:
The first is an email asking you to verify your signature. You must click on the link in that application to verify and ensure that your application is received.

You will also receive an automatic email confirming our receipt of your application. NEADS staff will review your application and be in touch with you within 8 weeks.

Thank you,

the NEADS Client Services Team