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Thank you very much for applying for General/Professional Liability through your association as a SWS member benefit.

Please note all members may not be eligible for this coverage. 

Once your application has been completed and returned it will be submitted to an underwriter for review. Please take a moment to review the following description of operations listed hereunder which are used in determining primary eligibility for this program. If you have questions concerning whether your business practices meet these requirements please contact David Vaughan Jr. at (918) 779-7884 or 

Regulatory Compliance Consulting: Wetland Delineation and Restoration, Permitting, Monitoring, Remediation, Site Assessments and Investigation, Storm Water Management and Planning, Work Plan Preparation, Environmental Program Management, Environmental Compliance Services, Waste Management Consulting, Hazardous Materials Management Consulting, Wildlife Management, Impaired Water Evaluation, Erosion Control Guidance, Water Quality Monitoring, Review of Proposed Environmental Regulations, Water Resource Management, Environmental Risk Management, Environmental Management, Landscape Design, Historical Land Management, Risk Analyses of Environmental Impact, Water Well Design, and Septic System Design. All Consulting Professional Services provided are required to comply with all laws and regulations at a local, state and federal government level in accordance with any and all Federal Regulatory Compliance requirements.

If it is determined that your work is outside the acceptable criteria for this program, please be assured that we will make every effort to obtain the very best coverage at the most affordable price with an alternate insurance provider. Please note that subcontractors are not covered under this policy

Once your application has been approved by the company you will be notified via email from Vaughan Insurance Group. Attached to this notification will be an invoice for the annual premium. As soon as payment has been received, you will be provided a policy binder for 60 days indicating your coverage has been bound pending receipt of your policy from the insurance company. Also, any certificate of insurance requests will be sent at this time.

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SWS: Society of Wetland Scientists

FOR MEMBERS applying for General/Professional Liability as a SWS member benefit through THEIR association.

*Please note that "Prior Acts" coverage is only available when your expiring policy is written on on a "claims made" form directly prior to purchasing this coverage. Coverage for "Prior Acts" will be provided for a (2) year term for a one time premium charge of 25% of the annual premium

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