2023 Marianna Hofer Arts Endowment Fund Arts Organization Grant Application

Visual, performing, or literary arts organizations located in Hancock County may apply for grants from the Fund. 

Reminder: Distributions from the Marianna Hofer Arts Endowment Fund will be for arts education – either education of the artist(s) or for arts education programming provided by an artist(s). Be sure to review the complete list of guidelines at MCPA.org/Hofer

3. Complete an itemized budget for this project. Be sure to include any additional funding sources. (Please click here for a sample template). The final budget must be emailed to KHeitkamp@MCPA.org.

In addition to this application, please provide the following emailed to KHeitkamp@MCPA.org

1. 1-page description of the arts organization 

2. The itemized budget from #3 above

3. Any other pertinent materials to further support this funding request