Team Facilitator Application

We are excited you want to be a part of Atlas!graphic of dog with toes on person's feet

Atlas' innovative Team Facilitator program is a win for our clients and for the Team Facilitator alike. For the Team Facilitator, it is a mentored and professional in-road to service dog training and professional dog training completely free of cost. For our clients, it is how we are able to support them at incredibly low rates with individualized training, all across the country.

Our network of Atlas Certified Trainers and Team Facilitators is constantly growing, and we hope to keep increasing the number disabled people we can help. 

The path to becoming an Atlas Team Facilitator includes this application, an interview, completion of online courses, completion of live online workshops, and completion of a mentored practicum.

Prior to completing this application, please thoroughly review the following:

user manual icon Our Team Facilitator Program to learn more about how the program works.

icon of policy Our Trainer Policies. By submitting this application you are committing that you will follow these policies while you are in the program and to maintain status as an Atlas Team Facilitator.

In addition to your application, you will need to have two reference letters submitted directly to Atlas. Your application will not be processed without these.

If you have any questions throughout the application process, please send an email to We try to answer any questions within a few business days. 

Reference letters
As part of your application you will need to provide at least two reference letters from people who have known you, either personally or professionally, for at least a year.
  1. One letter from someone who can attest to your experience with handling or training dogs.
  2. One letter from someone who can attest to your ability to work effectively and compassionately with people.
One or both of these letters should also address your ability and experience in helping people to work through difficult or challenging periods.
Please provide this link to our Reference Letter form to each of your references and ask them to complete them:
Highlights of Atlas Team Facilitator Program and Atlas Trainer Policies

It is very important that you read the Atlas Team Facilitator Program and Atlas Trainer Policies documents. The information in these documents becomes part of the agreement you sign when you are certified. 

We would like to call the following requirements to your attention: 

  • Ethics Pledge - Atlas Team Facilitators agree to the following pledge. I agree to treat all people and all dogs they work with ethically, compassionately, and as individuals. I will use only ethical and scientifically-based training methods, always employing the least invasive method possible, and will work with clients to ensure they  understand and use humane and effective methods in handling their dogs. 

  • One year commitment - We ask that our Team Facilitators commit to this role for at least one year, working with at least two clients during that time. It is important that our clients be able to rely on their Team Facilitator throughout their journey to Atlas Certification. This process is expected to take six months but may last longer depending on the client and their specific needs.These are just highlights of key items. Please read the Atlas Team Facilitator Program and Atlas Trainer Policies documents for a full description of Atlas requirements. 

Contact Information

Demographic Information
Atlas respectfully requests you complete this form. We secure this data carefully and respect your privacy.

Most items are multi-select. Please choose those you feel you best relate to. You may also choose to self-describe or to select you prefer not to answer.


Please list any college or dog training organizations/programs you have attended. 

Experience Handling Service Dogs
The following questions can be applied to people with any service dog experience. This can involve training their own dog, or someone else's dog.

Dog Training Experience

Experience Working with People with Disabilities

Other Relevant Information
Commitment to the program

Understanding of Atlas Approved Training Methods

Submitting the Application

We will review your application and let you know if all of your references are received or if any are missing. If there is missing information we will communicate with you to help resolve the issue. 

Please read the following statements: