Small Business Legal Clinic

Thank you for your interest in the Western New York Law Centers Small Business Legal Clinic. As a grant funded non- profit organization, we are required to gather the information requested below, which we will keep confidential. 

PART I: How were you referred to the SBLC?
Direct Referral ( To be completed by Referring Party:
No Organization Referral ( To be completed by Client):
PART II: Client Personal Information (To be completed by Client)

Note: If you have or plan on having business partners - The primary client should enter their personal information here and any partners should be entered in Part 5 of this information package. Additionally, all fields are *required* to submit

*State your name as you would like it to appear on legal documents & filing forms* 

PART III: Current Business Information (To be completed by Client)
PART IV: Legal Services Requested (To be completed by Client)
PART V: Other Partner Information (To be completed by Client)
PART VII: Submissions of the Completed Client Intake Form

Client is to submit the completed form (along with any documents to be reviewed) back to the Referring Organization. The Referring Party will review the package for completeness and submit it to the SBLC.

The SBLC will only accept the completed form from the Client directly if the Client does not have an existing relationship with any of our Small Business Partner Organizations. In these situations, the SBLC will refer the Client to one of our Partner Organizations as part of our services to the Client.