AmeriCorps Texas Community Reviewer Application

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OneStar is currently recruiting individuals to serve as Community Reviewers for the 2023-2024 AmeriCorps Texas Notice of Funding Opportunity.  To be considered for this opportunity, applications must be submitted by Tuesday, February 21, 2023. If you have questions about the Community Reviewer position, please contact

Click here to download the Community Reviewer Overview (PDF).
AmeriCorps Texas Community Review

The purpose of the AmeriCorps Community Review is to identify the highest-quality AmeriCorps Program applications based on the selection criteria provided in the Notice of Funding Opportunity and Application Instructions. 

Community reviewers read and score applications from organizations applying to become an AmeriCorps program in Texas. Reviewers are provided training on how to conduct the grant review and participate in a zoom meeting with other community reviews to discuss assigned applications. Applications that pass the community review level then proceed to a OneStar staff review before OneStar’s National Service Commission Board votes on funding decisions.

Community Reviewer Responsibilities

Community reviewers must be able to commit to the following responsibilities and timeline:

  • Complete a conflict of interest disclosure form to prevent actual or perceived conflicts of interest.
  • Complete a one (1) hour webinar training by March 9, 2023 (listen to the online recording).
  • Review and be familiar with all grant application materials provided by OneStar, including the Notice of Funding Opportunity and Application Instructions.
  • Read, analyze and score up to 5 applications between March 10th and March 26th.
  • Provide comments for each section of the application that are in complete sentences and constructive to OneStar for the purpose of selection for this funding opportunity. If comments are not provided in a manner that is useful to OneStar or the applicant, your scoresheet will be returned for you to add comments as required.
  • Participate in a 2-hour committee review call during the day on March 28th  to provide feedback, comments and reconcile scores at a time and date to be determined based on the availability of the review committee members.


Serving as a Community Reviewer is an excellent professional development opportunity. OneStar provides training and preparation as well as individual support for each review. As a reviewer, you will be exposed to new and innovative ideas in the field and have the opportunity to meet other experts.

OneStar will provide a modest stipend in the amount of $300 for your time and effort in participating as a reviewer. Reviewers who are able to accept and receive such payment will do so upon the successful completion of the Community Review. OneStar agrees to make payment to the reviewer within 30 days of the successful completion of the review and submission of an invoice and W-9.


As a Community Reviewer you have access to information that is not generally available to the public. This access comes with professional and ethical responsibilities. Each application belongs to those who developed it, and the rights of each applicant must be protected. You may not discuss the organizations, programs or project ideas for the applications you review with anyone outside of this review process.

If OneStar discovers that you have broken confidentiality then you will no longer be invited to serve as a reviewer for OneStar Foundation.

Your identity will be protected to the extent possible by Texas and Federal Law.

Qualifications & Eligibility Requirements 
OneStar seeks a diverse group of community reviewers to bring a variety of perspectives to the review process. Reviewers must have experience in one of the following categories:
  • Service experience as an AmeriCorps member or national service participant
  • Employment experience within the national service field
  • Experience receiving services from AmeriCorps members
  • Expertise in one of the 6 AmeriCorps focus areas (Healthy Futures, Economic Opportunity, Environmental Stewardship, Education, Veterans and Military Families, and Disaster Services)
Individuals currently working at AmeriCorps Texas programs, funded by OneStar Foundation, are not eligible to serve as community reviewers.

Preference will be given to individuals currently residing in Texas.


We are looking for reviewers who have a variety of national service experience. Please select any areas where you have experience by indicating the number of years you have/had been involved.

Prior AmeriCorps Service Experience
None 1 Year 2 Years 3+ Years

AmeriCorps and National Service Employment Experience

Currently employed staff at AmeriCorps Texas programs funded by OneStar are ineligible to serve as community reviewers. 
None 1-3 Years 4-6 Years 7+ Years

Receiving Services and Community Involvement Experience

Please indicate any areas of expertise and your years of experience.  Specific focus area expertise is not a requirement of community reviewers. 
None 1-2 Years 3-6 Years 7+ Years