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Thank you for your interest in the Textile Exchange Round Table Working Groups. We at Textile Exchange are excited to engage with subject matter experts to address the industry’s most pressing sustainability topics and develop innovative projects that drive action towards the achievement of our Climate+ goals. The application process ensures Working Groups are structured in the most efficient, effective, and equitable way possible by: 


·        Guiding the size and scope of Working Groups. 

·        Leveraging the most relevant experience and expertise. 

·        Ensuring participants are committed to solving industry-wide problems.  


If you are interested in applying for more than one Working Group, please submit a separate application for each. We will follow-up via email regarding your application and selection for participation, but please note that we will not be able to provide feedback to unsuccessful applicants due to the number of applications we receive.


 We look forward to receiving your application.   


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Application Questions

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Terms of Reference

Please note that by applying to the Round Table Working Groups you confirm adherence to the following terms:

Convener and Strategic Lead 

Textile Exchange Round Table Lead


Participation in the Textile Exchange Round Table Working Groups is voluntary and final participants are decided based on submitted applications. Participants of the Working Groups are limited to 10-20 stakeholders that are actively engaged in the area of focus and will be selected by Textile Exchange.

Composition, Representation  

The Textile Exchange Round Table Working Groups includes representatives from Textile Exchange and the global fashion, textiles, and apparel industry.



· Regular attendance of and contribution to Working Group Meetings

·  Non-disclosure and confidentiality of shared information within the group  

·  Participation in relevant Textile Exchange Round Tables

·  Support the Round Table development and collectively create solutions to address Climate+, supply barriers, and uptake challenges in the global textile industry  

·  Commitment to achieving Climate+ goals and outcomes 

·   Expertise in the specified area of focus

·   Sign the Working Group Agreement below 


·  Organization: The Textile Exchange Round Table Lead will chair meetings and  facilitate discussion and action. The Round Table Coordinator will provide secretariat functions (agendas, supporting documents, meeting notes) for the Working Group.

·  Determination:  The Working Group will share their knowledge, expertise, and best practices to identify opportunities for the global textile industry to drive beneficial impacts.

·  Action:  The  Working Group is committed to addressing and increasing positive impacts in the global textile industry.  

Decision Making 

The Working Group will strive for consensus among all members of the group. As the entity responsible for delivery of initiatives, Textile Exchange reserves the right to make the final decision and will disclose any decisions that differ from the will of the wider feedback obtained through stakeholder groups. 

Confidentiality and Non-disclosure 

To ensure fairness in the contribution of information and expertise, all Working Group participants are equally expected to share proprietary information to support associated outputs. Please note that by joining the Textile Exchange Working Groups you agree to non-disclosure and confidentiality of shared information within the group and compliance with all applicable antitrust and anti-competitive laws including, without limitation:

·        Ensuring that none of the information shared as part of the Working Group is used to cause competitive injury or disadvantage to another Working Group member, participant, Textile Exchange, or the Round Table; and 

·     Abstaining from any conversations or activities that may restrict competition or set prices 

·     Refraining from using any information obtained through the Working Group, other than to advance the objectives of the Round Table and in no event to disparage Working Group Members, their products, practices, businesses, or their reputations. But please note that any outputs/outcomes from the Working Group which are to be released publicly and use confidential information will be anonymized prior to publication.

Meeting Frequency  

Round Table Working Group meetings will take monthly/bi-monthly with the purpose of focusing on a specific task to drive progress towards our Round Table strategy and shared objectives. These meetings will be virtual.


Textile Exchange Working Groups cannot be used to research, explore, or investigate any activities that are directly tied to the outcomes of individual brands, retailers, manufacturers, NGOs or trade associations. Selected participants are expected to keep the activities undertaken within Working Groups as confidential. Whilst we encourage the adoption of best practices, key learnings cannot be used for individual gain or influence.

Working Group Participation Agreement

The undersigned has read and understands the Textile Exchange Round Table Working Group Terms of Reference and agrees to the requirements therein: 


·        Contributing time and expertise during participation in Working Group activities.  

·     Working openly and collaboratively to meet the objectives of the Working Group, sharing best practices and lessons learned.  

·  Respecting Textile Exchange values (integrity, respect, inclusive community, learning, and collaboration) in all Working Group activities. 

·      Understands that participation in Working Groups also requires participation in Textile Exchange Round Tables, and applicants who have not registered for the Round Tables will be deemed automatically unsuccessful in the application process.

·        Agrees to regular attendance of Working Group Meetings


Non-mandatory but highly encouraged: 

·        Familiarize yourself with the Textile Exchange Climate+ Strategy 

·        Familiarize yourself with our Round Tables

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