Volunteer Interest Contact Information

Thank you for choosing one·n·ten to give your time and talents to! We couldn't do what we do without the amazing support of our community. 30 years ago we opened our doors as an entirely Volunteer lead organization. Today we celebrate more than 20 full time staff, almost 10 part time staff and hundreds of volunteers helping to make our programs and services a success. In 2023 the Volunteer Program is ever changing as we try to involve our amazing community volunteers as often as possible while being intentional with creating a safe space for our Youth and Young Adults. 

In an effort to build a better program we ask that you help us learn what will make our partnership better. Please help us understand in what ways you would like to volunteer.

Do you have any specific time of year/day you hope to volunteer on. (Giving Tuesday, During Charity Campaign, World AIDS day etc. ) Any specific date and time?