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Kol Nidrei 5784

Donors making contributions of $180 or more in our synagogue year will receive a PAS publication or another token of our appreciation during the year.
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Thank you for supporting PAS' programs and services or choosing PAS to commemorate a lifecycle moment through a gift to one of the below funds. Your gift will help sustain PAS as a center for vibrant Jewish life, learning, inspiration, and connection.

What is the Passover Welfare Fund?

The Passover Appeal allows you to give ma'ot chittin (Passover tzedakah) to organizations in both New York City and Israel that work to address food insecurity.

What is the General Fund?

When you direct your contribution to the PAS General Fund, you allow PAS to use your contribution where it is most needed in our community.

What is the Clergy Discretionary & Welfare Fund?

Enable our clergy to lend support and care for individuals in need, as well as to support worthy organizations.

What is the Prayer Book and Ritual Fund?

Support the purchase and maintenance of our ritual items: from prayer books to tallit to Havdalah sets to kiddush cups. A donation of $180 or more will be commemorated with a bookplate in either our Shabbat and Festival prayer book, Siddur Lev Shalem; or in our Chumash, Etz Hayim.

What is the Adult Education Fund?

Support our educational offerings, from year-long courses taught by our own clergy to one-time lectures by world-class speakers from across the globe.

What is the College Connections Fund?

Help us to send care packages to our college students, plan campus visits by our clergy, and arrange meet-ups during school breaks.

What is the Congregational School Fund?

Support educational programming for children in grades K–7, including curriculum development, classroom materials, and professional development for our educators.

What is the Penn Family ECC Fund?

Support programming for children in Penn Family Early Childhood Center, including curriculum development, classroom materials, and professional development for educators.

What is the Jewish Camping Fund?

Provide financial support for children to attend summer camps with a Jewish mission. PAS assistance is on the basis of need, merit, or special circumstances.

What is the Library Fund?

Provide for the purchase of new books and for the maintenance of the Park Avenue Synagogue Library, a circulating collection open to the entire congregation for leisure reading and study.

What is the Shapiro Audio Archive Fund?

Support the digitization and the database of the recordings made in the PAS Sanctuary from 1954 to 2004. The searchable audio archive includes sermons, guest speakers, concerts, and weekly services.

What is the Young Family Education Fund?

Help to provide year-round programming for our youth and teens, including Shabbat and holiday worship, classes, and travel experiences. 

What is the Youth and Teen Engagement Fund?

Help to provide year-round programming for our youth and teens, including Shabbat and holiday worship and classes.

What is the Bikur Cholim Fund?

Help to finance our Bikur Cholim Committee, whose life-affirming activities offer support for members facing long- or short-term illness through home visits and assistance in getting to medical appointments.

What is the Music Fund?

Support the Park Avenue Synagogue Music Center, which produces concerts, commissions new music, performs music in educational programs, and publishes a series of prayer books for children and families.

What is the Food Pantry and Social Action Fund?

Support the Food Pantry and other social-action efforts at Park Avenue Synagogue. The Food Pantry has been entirely teen-run for more than 30 years and distributes food packages weekly to hundreds of local families.

What is the Inclusion Fund?

Help to fund education, training, and programming to further our awareness and practice of inclusion.

What is the Tikkun Olam Fund?

Help make our annual Vicki K. Wimpfheimer Mitzvah Day happen, as well as year-round educational programming and volunteer opportunities that help heal the world, one good deed at a time.

Prayer Book Fund


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