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Greentown Labs Advisor Application

We're honored that you are considering becoming an advisor for Greentown Labs.The new Greentown Labs Advisory Program welcomes applications from potential advisors with expertise in various areas and diverse perspectives and experiences. Our goal is to connect Greentown Labs member companies with high-impact coaches and experts from various backgrounds to help member companies reach their potential. Prior experience as a mentor or advisor is not a prerequisite to becoming an advisor at Greentown Labs, only a passion for helping startups advance their mission. 

Some things to note about applying to be a Greentown Labs advisor: 

  • We are always looking for both climatetech subject matter experts and seasoned entrepreneurs and experts from various fields.
  • We ask that you enter the program as volunteer, with a genuine desire to help. If a commercial relationship results from relationships formed, we welcome that and see it as a sign of success. 
  • We just ask to be kept in the loop so we can track success of the program.
  • If you are accepted, you will be welcomed to the Greentown Labs Community Slack where you will have the opportunity to engage with the Greentown community on a daily basis. 

 * Upon acceptance of the Greentown Labs Advisory Program you will be added to our catalog which will be shared with our community members and they will reach out to you directly at your preferred method to set up office hours with you. 

Have questions about the advisory program? Please contact Kendrick Alridge at kalridge@greentownlabs.com.


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