Machane Olami 2023 - Camp Interest Form

FJC's Machane Olami Initiative focus for summer 2023 is to encourage interest of working at Jewish camps of various young adult networks and specific geographic regions with strong potential for growth, in partnership with Jewish Camps USA (, a staffing agency that works with many of Jewish camps in FJC network.  

Staff Support

FJC will be offering support for all first-time camp staff from Argentina that will help reduce their staffing fees (must be hired through JCUSA) and encourage their participation as staff in Jewish camps. Additionally, we are finalizing cohorts from international networks such as Hillel, WorldORT, Olameinu Baltic, and others that will allow camps access to better trained and more motivated international staff.

Camp Support

International Travel Support

To encourage closer interaction of North American Jewish camps staff with local communities abroad, FJC will offer a 1:1 matching grant opportunity of up to $1,000 ($2,000 total budget, max 15 grants) to cover travel expenses for senior camp staff to countries outside of US, Canada, and Israel for purposes of recruitment and training of international staff. 

Given FJC current focus on Argentinian community, for those camp staff who will be traveling to JCUSA training scheduled for April 2023, FJC will offer opportunities to meet with local community leaders and build closer connection with their organizations.
Due date to apply - March 3, 2023 (APPLICATIONS ARE CLOSED)

Olami Experience Liaison (OEL) Cohort

In addition, we will be offering a special cohort opportunity for your returning international staff (1 to 2 staff per camp, up to 15 total) who will be supported and trained to serve as Olami Experience Liaison, an informal staff care support role for your camp’s international staff group. Participants of the cohort will receive 4-6 sessions of virtual training and a stipend that will cover their staffing/visa fees of up to $250 (must be staffed through JCUSA).  Camps with participating international staff will be eligible to receive 1:1 matching funding for up to $500 ($1,000 total budget) to conduct staff care experiences focused on (but not limited to) their international staff.
Due date to apply - March 31, 2023

International Staff at Cornerstone 2023

Any camps interested in having their international returning staff (1 to 2 staff per camp, up to 15 total) participate in Cornerstone 2023 training can apply for a grant of up to $500 to cover travel and participation expenses for these staff.

Due date to apply - March 3, 2023 (APPLICATIONS ARE CLOSED)

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Camp Contact

Your Camp's Calendar
We will work with JCUSA to bring international staff from various Jewish young adult networks in Europe, South America, and other international communities outside of Israel. Please fill out the information below to help us find best possible fit for these potential candidates. 

Please note that since many international communities operate on school schedules much different from the United States, we hope that some flexibility will exist for the international staff to be able to join your camp. 

Machane Olami 2023 Opportunities
International Jewish Networks

International Travel Support

Who from you full-time staff will be traveling internationally?

Where and when are you going?

Cannot be Israel, US, or Canada

Must be before Summer 2023

Olami Experience Liaison Cohort

Who is your returning international staff that you recommend for the role of Olami Experience Liaison?

Where are they from?

Cornerstone International Travel Support

Please share with us about your international staff who will participate in Cornerstone 2023? Please note that FJC will book travel for all participants of Cornerstone 2023 and this international staff, if selected, will have access to up to $500 in additional funds to cover the higher costs of their international travel. Awards will be announced on March 10, 2023.