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Mission: The mission of College Horizons Inc. is to encourage and facilitate the higher education of Native American young people. Our goal of College Horizons (CH) is to increase the higher education of Native American students by providing pre-college (College Horizons) and pre-graduate (Graduate Horizons) college admission programs, as well as a College Success program (CH Scholars), to American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian high school and college students/graduates from across the nation.


Graduate Horizons is a two-day workshop assisting Native American college students and graduates in preparing for competitive graduate and professional school admissions. We partner with approximately 45 universities from which admission officers, professors, and/or graduate Deans mentor and advise potential applicants on the admission process,  professional/career development, and the various fields of study, research, and graduate programs available. Participants of the program complete statements of purpose, resume/cv’s, and applications; receive test-taking strategies from the Princeton Review Foundation on the GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT; understand the financial aid process for graduate school and learn about graduate scholarships/fellowships; attend seminars on the admission process (letters of recommendations, academic/transcript/testing critique, how to determine the right match in a degree program; role of direct/relevant work experience, etc.).

Submission Deadline: April 5, 2023

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Please note that this letter of recommendation will be shared with the student at the workshop. 

Our goal is to better prepare students for the admissions process – they need to have critical feedback to understand how they are performing professionally, academic, or within the community, how they might improve their performance, and they need to determine whether you may be the appropriate person to write an official letter for their real graduate application. We appreciate your candid feedback and hope this process will also help you to get to know your student better and their aspirations for graduate studies.


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