The inVocation Fellows Program Application

Applicant Information

Note that if you exit the application before completing it, the information will NOT be saved. We recommend gathering all the necessary information before starting the application. If you like, you can view/download the full application and character reference form and then cut and paste your answer into the online form.

Application Questions

Character Reference/Recommendation for the inVocation Fellows Program

Applicants, please download the word document version of this found here and print it to share with a pastor or Christian ministry leader who knows you personally. There is nothing that you need to complete on this page.

Dear Pastor/Ministry Leader:

The above-named individual is applying for the inVocation Fellows Program, a cohort learning and discipleship experience for recent college graduates that will run from August 2024  to May 2025. Fellows are professing Christians who are connected to a local church. Fellows gather once per month on Saturday mornings for a time of “head-heart-and-hands” learning and discussion with leading thinkers on Christian discipleship, culture, and vocation. The initiative is a whole-life discipleship program with an emphasis on vocational discernment, faith/work integration, and leadership development. It’s meant to be a healthy complement to or extension of adult education these young people may already be receiving from their local congregation.

We are looking for Fellows who demonstrate maturity, teachability, dependability, amiability, enthusiasm for learning, and a sincere desire to grow in following the Lord Jesus more closely and faithfully. With these qualities in mind, please comment on how well you believe the Applicant will “fit” in this program. Please feel free to add any other information you believe relevant to his/her likelihood of both contributing to and benefiting from this program. Please also let us know the context in which you know the Applicant and for how long you have known him/her. Please email your reference to Dr. Amy Sherman at Have questions? Feel free to email Amy. Thank you!

DEADLINE: June 30, 2024.