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This network accepts new members on an annual basis. The next intake closes on December 15 2023. 

Please read the following before completing this form:

The purpose of Vantage Point’s EDI Peer Network is to learn, review, discuss, and share approaches and practices that support building organizations that are respectful, diverse, inclusive, and equitable. The focus of this network is creating an environment for peer-to-peer learning, where participants come together on a monthly basis to take learnings, discussions, and resources back to their own organizations.

In this Peer Network, participants and facilitators hold the expectation that we are demonstrating a commitment to values related to equity, diversity, and inclusion. We want to set you up for success and we invite you to consider the following statements and how they may or may not align with your own.

This network meets the first Thursday each month from 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm. 

Who is this network for:

The EDI Peer Network exists to support and connect those involved in designing, implementing, and sustaining EDI practices across the not-for-profit sector in BC. This network is for folks who have a strong, practiced foundation of their own anti-oppression, intersectional, decolonizing values. This network values both education and lived experience and acknowledges the work that is done to unlearn how systemic inequality affects us and those we serve.

The network aims to:

  • Provide space for connection, shared learning, and development, for not-for-profit leaders working to advance EDI initiatives at their organizations
  • Build capacity of network members in support of changes that promote EDI in their organizations
  • Provide a space for developing dialogue, experience, skills, understanding to improve and develop professional equality practices
  • Provide consultancy, advice, and support to one another
  • Provide space to share best practices and lessons learned, while increasing connection with colleagues working on similar initiatives in other organizations 

If you feel like you have just begun your journey towards decolonizing and anti-oppression work, we encourage you to engage in the process of deepening your learning about EDI and your personal relationship to issues of power, privilege, and marginalization. This type of individual learning is not the focus of the EDI Peer Network. 

To demonstrate interest in joining the network, please complete the form on page two. If completing this form is not a suitable option, please reach out to Zahra Esmail at to schedule a chat regarding the network. 

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