Imi Wai Ola Breakout Session Form

Breakout Session Format


Thank you for your willingness to participate in this conference.  It would be great if you could run one of the Breakout sessions by leading a discussion on what you do, how you got into it, what you did to get there and then have participants share what they are doing and what their ambitions are.  There will be roughly 20 participants in the group.  The breakout session is roughly 45 min and you can participate in one session or as many as two. We are trying to get as much participation as possible, so there will be a diverse bunch of sessions. Mahalo nui loa!

Breakout sessions will be 45 minutes in groups of 20 students lead by 1 scientist and 1 educator


Leaders, can you please start off by talking about the career you have chosen:

      Start with the type of research you do

      How you were inspired to make this career choice

      What steps you took to get there

      Challenges you needed to overcome or address

      Talk about some discoveries and a fun story involving your research.


Then students will be asked to talk about their work, guided by questions from both your, the scientist, and an educator who will be paired with you, as this is essential information for educators

      talk about the projects they have worked on

      How they went about their investigations

      Challenges they needed to overcome or address

      What future plans they have with this research or careers

      Open up the floor to discuss an issue that the scientist is comfortable addressing

Share the email that you prefer us to send to.
Required for access to Ford Island MM/DD/YYYY
Required for access to Ford Island
What is your area of research focus that you would like to address in this conference?
Please choose no more than 2, and no more than one during the same time slot. I know the second part sounds ridiculous, but better clear than deal with temporal consequences.
Feel free to add something you are interested in facilitating a discussion around. We will organize students by the discussions they are interested in and ready to participate in.