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Plug In America's PlugStar EV Specialist Online Training familiarizes dealer sales staff with the unique aspects of selling electric vehicles (EVs) as a new product category. Our training was made to supplement factory training and to provide key information we know consumers consider before buying an EV, including information on incentives and charging, as well as provide best practices on selling EVs. We aim to ultimately assist in increasing your EV sales!

The following topics are covered in the training:
  1. EV Basics and Selling EVs
  2. EV Charging
  3. Selling Used EVs
  4. EV Consumer Incentives
  5. What You Get From PlugStar

PlugStar Certification Benefits:
  • Priority listing on
  • Ongoing support: Phone and email helpline for you and your customers
  • Sell with more confidence
  • Deliver a better customer experience
  • Individuals can become a PlugStar Certified EV Specialist while dealers can become a PlugStar Certified Dealership
  • Priority dealer opportunities to participate in Plug In America's ride-and-drive events, which provide face-to-face interactions with potential customers

PlugStar Certification Levels:
  • Bronze: 2+ sales staff complete and pass the training
  • Silver: 5+ sales staff complete and pass the training
  • Gold: Inquire us about our PlugStar Gold level
*Please email if you wish to sign up for a large group of sales staff.
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