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KAHAL Campus Reps Fellowship 2023-2024

Thank you for your interest in the KAHAL Campus Representatives Fellowship!

The Campus Reps Fellowship is a year-long program for highly engaged KAHAL Abroad program alumnae/i who want to continue their connections to the global Jewish community through outreach to Jewish students on their home campuses and encouraging them to seek Jewish life while studying abroad. 

We are looking for college juniors and seniors who have a passion for Jewish community building and peer engagement, are interested in professional development opportunities, and want to deepen their connection to their Jewish community(s). 

As a Campus Rep, you will be JDC Entwine's ambassador for students on your campus. You will be responsible for outreach to your campus Jewish community organizations, for individual outreach to students going abroad, and for planning one event each semester to promote the KAHAL Abroad program. 

Campus Reps will receive a $300 stipend each semester, plus a $100 programming budget to be used for campus events and coffee dates with prospective study abroad students. 

Application deadline: Rolling

If you have any questions please email Sophie Schoenbrun at sophiesc@jdc.org.

Contact Information

This way we can address you respectfully in conversation and communication.

This way we can address you respectfully in conversation and communication.

We love social media! Please add your Instagram handle.

Academic Information

Additional Information

If selected for the program, your headshot and bio will be share on the Entwine website and with the Entwine Community.

About You

We are asking the following questions about gender and gender identity as Entwine's programs seek to represent the full mosaic and diversity of the Jewish communityJDC Entwine does not discriminate based on your responses.  For clarity on particular terms related to gender identity, please visit this glossary.

The options below are listed alphabetically and you can multiselect, self-identify, or select 'prefer not to answer. 

Cis: anyone who knows themselves to be the gender they were assigned at birth; Trans: anyone who knows themselves to be a gender that is different from the gender they were assigned at birth

About You

These terms refer to ancestry from... Ashkenazi: Europe or former Soviet Union | Indian: Bnei Israel or Bagdadi | Jewtina/o: Latin America | Mizrahi: Middle East & North Africa | Persian: Iran | Sephardi: Iberian Peninsula | Russian Speaking Jew: at least one parent who was born in the former Soviet Union

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Program Requirements and Expectations 
Below we have laid out the various elements of the Campus Rep role and required programmatic pieces. By applying for this role, you are committing to fully participating in all of the required program deliverables listed below if you are to be selected for the role:

*Please note: We are committed to ensuring the safety and security of participants in Entwine programs at all times. While certain elements of this program are planned to be in person, due to COVID restrictions we will be deciding what is possible at any given time based on recommendations from state and local governments.