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Farmer Survey

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If your farm is located in Atlanta, GA, Charlotte, NC, or Chicago, IL we will be in touch.  If your farm is serving another metro market, we'll keep your information on file for expansion areas. It is helpful to know which geographies have interested farmers. 

Contact Information

Farmland and Farm Business

The farm or farm business that you own or are employed with. Write "none" if you are not currently affiliated with a farm.

Agricultural Production

(e.g. livestock, vegetables, fruits, etc.)

(e.g. organic, no-till, cover crops, etc.)


NRCS = Natural Resource Conservation Service
FSA = Farm Service Agency
EQIP = Environmental Quality Incentives Program

Land Access Needs

To house you, your family, house staff, etc.

(e.g. existence of well, fencing, etc.)

(e.g. enter program ASAP, buy land within 10 years; enter program in 1 year, buy land in 5 years; etc.)
Demographic Information