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PennPAC Nonprofit Application

Person Completing Application

Programs & Capacity

Project Definition

PennPAC offers two consulting models to best meet your needs. Our full projects run 8-10 weeks, and include a 4-7 person team. Full consulting projects are strategic and customized for each client. Mini projects run 6-8 weeks, and include a 2-3 person team. They are smaller and more flexible in scope, and address issues in areas similar to our full consulting projects, but can be more adaptable or tactical. PennPAC will work with you to determine the appropriate project structure during the selection process. 

Project Logistics
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Staff & Leadership
Executive Director/CEO
PennPAC requires the involvement of senior leadership from your organization. 
Additional Information
All applications are reviewed carefully by the PennPAC team, and you will be contacted via email in several weeks. We ask that you please respond in a timely manner.