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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Referral Partner for The Bike Project!

We donate second-hand, refurbished bikes to…

  • People currently seeking asylum in the UK
  • People who have been granted refugee status (or a positive decision on their asylum claim) in the UK, in the last 2 years
  • Children or dependents of the above groups

CLICK HERE to view our full eligibility criteria.

Referral Partners are organisations (mostly other charities, and refugee/asylum-support organisations) that The Bike Project works with in order to reach individuals who stand to benefit significantly from bike ownership.

These organisations are able to take a front-footed role in supporting our bike recipients during the referral path as well as after they have collected their bike.



Organisation Address

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For example - if you would prefer to pay for bikes to be transported to your premises for distribution, select Yes

For example - if you support people from a particular country, or within a specific age-bracket, select Yes

Please note: the vast majority of our Donation Sessions take place in London & West Midlands. We host occasional roadshows in the other areas listed above.

For example - if you deliver services in a specific London Borough, select Yes

The Bike Project assigns a monthly referral limit to each Referral Partner. We kindly request all Referral Partners submit, on average, at least 90% of this limit.

Our current Referral Partners have quotas between 5 and 20 referrals per month.

Please consider the number of people (monthly) you could sustainably support in their efforts to attend a collection appointment - making requisit travel arrangements, returning home with their bike, bike security etc.

The Bike Project relies on pre-owned bikes being given to the charity by members of the public... and we now have over 20 drop-off points across the UK where people can pass their unwanted bikes on to us.

We are always looking for new drop-off partners to offer their premises as a location for the public to drop-off their bikes. To become a drop-off point, all you need is...
  • A secure space for around 15 bikes.
  • A point of contact to coordinate incoming drop-offs and our van collections.

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