Literacy Pirates

Registration Form 2022/23 - In Person Sessions 

Thank you for your interest in The Literacy Pirates! We’d be delighted to welcome your child aboard this summer term.

Please complete the form below to sign up. Once you have submit the form, we will be in touch to confirm your place and check any final details with you. If you are experiencing any challenges in completing the form, or if you would like to discuss it with a member of our team, please call us on 07912178037. 

Your Child's Details

Due to the funding of our programme, we need to ensure that we’re offering our free places to families and children who can get the most from them. For this reason, we need to check a few details with you.

Please provide 3 contacts for your child, in the order we should call if we need to contact you.

                                                                     Contact 1 - 
(the person you would like us to contact first about sessions or in an emergency)

                                                                      Contact 2

                                                                      Contact 3

Session Arrangements

Sessions run from 4-6:30pm on the day you have chosen. 

Your child will need to be brought to our centre in time to start at 4pm. Please bring them to The Trampery Tottenham, 639 High Road, N17 8AA. A member of our team will meet you at the door.  

Travel arrangements FROM the Literacy Pirates – Please select all options that apply. 

We are keen to ensure that we are providing equal opportunities for all. The following information will be treated as confidential.

Learning Sessions

  • I give permission for my child to attend The Literacy Pirates After-School Sessions and consent to my child working with Literacy Pirates staff and volunteers.   
  • I acknowledge that my child needs to attend the weekly sessions they sign up to, and that I must give at least 3 hours’ notice of cancellation if they are unable to attend.  
  • I support good behaviour in sessions and will discuss any issues with Literacy Pirates staff. 
  • I give permission for short trips in the local area, accompanied by Literacy Pirates staff and volunteers. 
  • I understand that in the event of safeguarding concerns, The Literacy Pirates may contact local authorities and/or your child's school. 


  • I give non-exclusive licence for The Literacy Pirates to use the contributions of my child (which my child owns the rights to) towards their charitable aims, granting consent required by law for their use both now and in the future
  • waive and agree not to assert, any so-called “moral rights” or other non-transferable rights that I may have in relation to the contribution as my child will be given suitable author credit.  


  • I understand that if my child does not return books to The Literacy Pirates Library that they may be stopped from borrowing books. I will report any books my child loses.  


  • I agree to contribute to The Literacy Pirates Monitoring and Evaluation strategy by completing termly questionnaires about my child’s progress 


  • I agree to The Literacy Pirates privacy policy, which is available at 
  • I understand they will never sell my information or the information of my child. 
  • I understand that they collect information to support my child on the programme and that information that will help support my child is shared between school and The Literacy Pirates.  

Photo Permission

  • I give permission for photographs and video footage of my child to be used by The Literacy Pirates for the learning programme and for their charitable aims, in both displays and online on our website and social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook).  

***This will include their photo being used/included in our Young Pirate products, such as our published book and movie. If you have any special requirements regarding photo consent for your child, please get in touch. We will record them and ensure they are met. You can reach us at 07912 178037.***