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FGC Gathering: July 2-8, 2023
We're excited to have you join us on Junior Gathering staff this year!

IMPORTANT: COVID protocols will be in place in order to care for the health of the entire community, and Junior Gathering staff will have a leadership role in modeling and implementing the policy. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with it before continuing! The policy requires
 COVID-19 vaccination, testing before and upon arrival, and masking while indoors and/or in close contact with others. If you have any questions or concerns about the policy revision, please contact KodyH@FGCQuaker.org.

Please complete this form and press "Send" when you're done.

Updated Address:

Additional Information

(Why do we need to know this? We believe that the best groups have diverse staff.)


Workgrants are available according to need for Junior Gathering Staff positions. If you do not need financial assistance in order to attend the Gathering, you can choose to partially or fully waive your workgrant so that we can redistribute the funds to others. If you need more financial assistance than your workgrant amount, we will do our best to make up the difference with a scholarship award and/or additional workgrant.

Please be sure to indicate the amount of your financial need on your Gathering Registration.

Many monthly and yearly meetings have funds available to assist members and attenders in traveling to Quaker events. Yours might be happy to support you in this way-- please ask, so that we can extend our financial assistance as widely as possible!

We both invite your generosity, if finances are not a barrier for you, and encourage you to ask for assistance, if the cost would otherwise discourage you from attending the Gathering. We want you to join us!

*Basic Fee: Program fee and room and board in a double room with three meals.


Gifts and Skills
Please check the gifts and skills you bring to your work with children.

Work with Children