Outside Edge Theatre Company Complaints Form

Outside Edge Theatre Company is committed to providing the best possible experience to our service users and other stakeholders, but we do acknowledge that sometimes things go wrong.

Many complaints can be resolved informally. In the first instance contact us and, if you feel able, speak to the member of staff (or team) with whom you have had contact or ask to speak to the relevant manager, who will try to resolve the matter.

If you would prefer to make an anonymous complaint, or if your complaint relates to the charity’s Participation and Operations Manager or Artistic Director/CEO and therefore you would prefer to make a complaint directly to the charity’s Board of Trustees, then you can fill in the form below.

Contact details so we can follow up with you (optional):

If you complain:

  • You will be treated with respect

  • You will be listened to

  • You will not have services withdrawn

  • You will not be labelled a troublemaker

  • You will be kept informed about the progress of your complaint.

What happens next?:

All formal complaints will be dealt with by the person we feel can best respond to your concerns. If you have provided contact details, we will acknowledge all written complaints within five working days after you have submitted this form, at which point your complaint will be investigated. You may be contacted to obtain any additional information that we may require to help us resolve the complaint. You will receive a response to your complaint within 28 working days of its receipt.

If, as a result of your complaint, disciplinary proceedings are taken against a member of staff, an internal procedure will apply. You will be informed that disciplinary proceedings have taken place, but as these proceedings are confidential, you will only be informed of the outcome of your complaint outside of any disciplinary procedure.

If a criminal offence is alleged, then the police will be informed.

Can you take your complaint elsewhere?:

You can contact the Charity Commission for further information on making complaints about a charity.

Their website is https://www.gov.uk/complain-about-charity