FGC Virtual Consultation Experiment

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Dear Friends,
The FGC Executive Committee, at their 2023 January Meeting approved a Virtual Consultation recommended by the Gathering Anew project. We see this consultation as a part of FGC's mission to facilitate important sharing among our yearly and monthly meetings, and a way to test if consultations like this are a part of future Gatherings or a separate need. The proposal and more details about the Gathering Anew Process are on FGC's website. The online consultation is projected to happen this fall.  Participation will be open to all Friends.

As Friends, we are facing many challenges and issues post Covid and in our world at large. They impact us on so many levels.  There seems to be a rising sense that new directions or perspectives for Friends are needed. It feels crucial to explore together our individual and joint visions of how Friends might go forward today.

FGC Yearly Meetings have been invited to join in the planning process for this consultation to discern the key topics. Using this survey, we want to hear what you feel is most important to discuss and whether there are speakers you would like to hear.

Below is a questionnaire that includes examples of topics that some Friends have already raised. Please share to affirm whether some of these are also important to you and to possibly raise up topics not included. We will use this information to help us prayerfully determine a set of topics for the consultation that seem to speak to our needs and callings.