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STEMCorps Mentor Application

Thank you for your interest in joining the STEMCorps Mentor Program! 

The information you provide on this application will be used to pair you with a mentee should you be accepted into the program. Please complete as much of the application as possible. We will review and respond within 7 days.
Personal Information

(Our primary method of communication is by email. Please check regularly once you apply.)

For completed degree(s), list field of study and name of college/university.

For completed degree(s), list field of study and name of college/university.


Getting to Know You 
Please write a short paragraph for each of the following.


Personal Reference
CuriOdyssey is a child-focused organization and STEMCorps mentors can have a significant impact on the mentees experience. Therefore, we conduct a thorough selection process for this role. Please provide two (2) personal references who can share feedback on your ability to successfully perform as a mentor. (No family members please)

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Volunteer Agreements
Before we proceed with finalizing your mentor application, we would like to confirm your understanding of the crucial commitment of showing up for each meeting with your mentee. As a mentor, your consistent presence plays a significant role in building trust, fostering growth, and providing support to your mentee. By regularly attending meetings, you demonstrate reliability, dedication, and a genuine investment in their development. This consistent presence helps establish a strong mentor-mentee relationship, which is vital for achieving positive outcomes.

If selected, we expect that you will prioritize attending all scheduled meetings, unless extenuating circumstances arise. These regular interactions serve as valuable opportunities for guidance, encouragement, and sharing experiences, ultimately shaping the mentees' personal and professional growth. Kindly respond to this statement by indicating your understanding of the importance of showing up for each meeting with your mentee. 

I understand completing this application does not guarantee that I will be selected as a volunteer, and that should I be accepted, CuriOdyssey may discontinue my volunteer service at any time. In either case, CuriOdyssey is not obligated to provide a reason.

I understand the risks present in volunteer duties and freely assume those risks and agree to release CuriOdyssey, its officers, agents and employees from and against all claims for injury, loss, or danger to me|my child as a result of such duties.

I grant my permission for CuriOdyssey to use photographs and|or videos containing me|my child's likeness. These photographs may be used in CuriOdyssey programs publicity, newsletters, social media, marketing and development pieces, and for other promotional purposes.

Note: If you do not hear from us within 7 days of submitting this online application, contact our Director of Volunteer Engagement Tonaka Kendrick at tkendrick(at) or 650-340-7580.