2023/24 Cycling Friendly Campus Internship Programme

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Cycling Scotland’s Cycling Friendly programmes support organisations in employer, community, campus, school and social housing settings across Scotland who are committed to encouraging cycling.

The Campus Internship Programme supports paid interns who will take on the role of Campus Cycling Officer (CCO) delivering a range of cycling activities which are aimed at getting more students and staff travelling by bike.

The host application is the first stage of the programme and all stages are detailed in the guidance notes.


We recommend contacting a member of Cycling Scotland to discuss your bid and get support and guidance. For further advice please contact cyclingfriendly@cycling.scot

Before You Start

To complete the application, you will need the following information:
  • Contact, organisation and project site details - sites are where the CCO will be working
  • Current barriers and active travel work
  • Your institution's need for a CCO
  • What support you'll be providing to a CCO
  • Any data you have relating to current cycling rates at your sites


This application form gathers the information needed to assess your request for a CCO. Once submitted, a member of Cycling Scotland staff will review your application at an expert panel, and come to a decision on funding. A staff member may contact you during this process to gather further information if required.

Contact details


Contact Details

These details will be used to contact you about your request for a CCO, including any questions during the application process and, if successful, for reporting.
Lead contact details

Organisation information

In this section, please enter the organisation details.



Site details

Sites are where the CCO will deliver projects/activities and may be different from your organisation's main address. In this section, please indicate if your organisation has multiple sites and if a CCO would potentially be working across more than one site.

If yes, please add specific details for each site you are applying for funding for by clicking "add another site" at the bottom of the page.

Site details
If you are only applying for one site or the site details are the same as the organisation details, please repeat the information from the previous page. 

Cycling Friendly award registration
If you have not registered for the Cycling Friendly Award you can find more information at www.cyclingfriendly.scot

Project background

In this section please select the barriers to active travel/cycling at your site(s).
Background summary

Project information

This section gathers information about your current active travel work.

Project information

This sections asks for information about your organisation's need for a CCO.

Project information

This section asks you to provide information on the support you'll be providing to a CCO.

Cycling rates / Access to bikes

In this section, please provide information about bike access and numbers of people currently cycling at the site or sites you are applying for funding for. If successful, this information will be used to monitor the impact of funding, so it's worth having a think about how you will track these numbers.
Cycling Statistics
Where possible provide the fullest information you have available. The data you provide should include all of the sites in your application.


Supporting documents
You can upload up to 4 supporting documents. Our assessment process focuses on the application form - all the questions asked previously should be answered fully on this form, with supporting documents containing supplementary information.
After clicking 'Review and submit', you will have the opportunity to review the full form before submitting your application. You can also choose to print your application at this stage for reference.

On the following page, please note that the page may take several seconds to process, so only press the 'Submit' button once.