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Program Eligibility Questionnaire 
Please complete all sections. If you have questions or need assistance completing this application, please call Tree Trust at 952-767-3880.

Tree Trust is a nonprofit organization that provides employment training to youth and young adults. The Branches Program serves eligible young adults.

Not Eligible
Branches is limited to applicants who meet all of the criteria above. Click SUBMIT and we will reach out with other program opportunities that you may be interested in pursuing. Or, you are welcome to contact Tree Trust at 612.718.5053 to find other programs you may be eligible to join. 
Applicant Information
Race, Ethnicity & Immigrant Status Information
Work Eligibility & Citizenship Information
Disability Status

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Education Status
Other Eligibility Information
Household Income
Include as income: gross wages, net self-employment income, alimony, Social security benefits, rental property income, pensions, dividends, interest on savings, training stipends, grants (excluding Pell Grants), railroad retirement benefits, strike benefits, net gambling or lottery winnings.
Do NOT include as income: any form of public assistance, Supplemental Security income, unemployment compensation, child support received, loans, one-time gifts, lump-sum inheritances, withdrawals from savings account, tax refunds, one-time insurance payments or compensation for injury, payments made on behalf of a foster child, the sale of property, HUD rental assistance programs.
Name Annual Income
For each member of the household, who has income, write their name and income.
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