Five Minute Financial Plan

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Let us know how you're doing in a couple key financial areas. We'll ensure you have the tools you need to verify you're on track, or make some changes to improve your financial picture!

Are You Sure?
At Two West, we are passionate about helping folks on their path to Retirement. As such, we strongly encourage everyone to complete a retirement snapshot to understand where they are on their journey. It's hard to correct your course if you don't know you've strayed from the path! 
Are You Saving Enough For Retirement? 
What % of your income are you putting into this account?
What % is your employer putting into this account?
How many years do you plan to be retired?
Significant Other Information
What % of their income are they putting into this account?
Pre-Tax, or Traditional, helps save on taxes today. Roth helps save on taxes in retirement.
Short Term Savings
Housing costs should be less than 28% of gross pay. Includes rent or a combination of mortgage, property taxes and homeowner’s insurance. Doesn’t include utilities or home maintenance costs.
3 to 6 months of non-discretionary expenses. Should be coordinated with long-term disability insurance elimination period.
The total paid for housing costs and other debt payments should be less than 36% of gross pay. Other debt payments include, but are not limited to, credit cards, auto loans and student loans.
Debts can be organized according to outstanding balance or APR to determine payoff priority.
Long Term Investing
Risk Management
Rule of Thumb: 7 to 10 times household gross income
Homeowners or Renters Insurance; Auto Insurance