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If you are a current or former foster youth - iFoster would love to showcase your art!

Art can be a powerful expression of your feelings and experience about being or having been in foster care, and your hopes for the future. Your voice through art is your unique artistic style; your inspiration, your materials, techniques, themes and color palette all working together in a way that looks like it comes from you and no one else. 

Please share with us your art in jpeg, png or gif formats. Let us know if you would like to attach a quote, your name, a nickname or a location that you are from. We will review and post your art on our www.voiceoffostercare.org website.

YOUTH ARTIST (or Supportive Adult Submitting on Behalf Of)


Information You Would Like to be Posted with Your Art

Thank you! By submitting your artwork to us, you are certifying that this is an original piece of work and you give iFoster unrestricted permission to use and promote. Your art submission will be reviewed to ensure it is not offensive or controversial.

Questions?? - call, email or text us and one of our team members will be in touch asap: 
Phone or Text 213-459-1128
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Email phone@ifoster.org