Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts of Interest | 101 Workshop
Thank you for your interest in the Conflicts of Interest 101 Workshop! The iCenter is thrilled to be offering this course – at no charge to you – with thanks to the generous support of our funders. 

Israel education is about identities, relationship-building, rich knowledge, and meaning-making. Resonant Israel education demands a paradigm shift in the way we understand and engage in education about conflict – especially the longstanding and enduring bitter conflict between Israelis and Palestinians regarding rights, responsibilities, respectability, religion, resources, and ultimately sovereignty in the Land of Israel.

Conflicts of Interest engages educators like you in open dialogue, critical thinking, perspective-taking, and cooperative learning. We will use an inquiry- and deliberation-based pedagogy to allow for representation of diverse ideas, viewpoints, and narratives on a range of issues. In this way, you will gain knowledge and skills necessary to reflect on and develop educational practices to discuss difficult issues arising in Israel and beyond. This 101 Workshop will take place from 11am-2pm CT on Sunday, September 10, 2023.

If you have any questions, please be in touch by emailing Alex Harris.

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