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Please note that we are collecting signatures on behalf of your company. Signing below will include your company name on letters to the appropriate federal Representative(s) and Senators based on your company location. If you have any questions about the letter, please reach out to Scott Greenler at

Dear [Rep/Sen Name],

As companies and organizations operating in [State/District], we are writing to convey the positive impacts of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) for our businesses, supply chains, competitiveness, and energy independence. We strongly urge you to uphold the energy provisions in the IRA in future negotiations and lawmaking efforts and oppose efforts to revoke or weaken IRA clean energy policies. Your support would mean a great deal to the companies, workers, and the citizens of [STATE/DISTRICT].

[2-4 Sentences about state/district impact (SEIA will complete this section prior to delivery)]

The reality is that the IRA’s clean energy provisions are pro-business , supporting economic growth and leading to the creation of new jobs. There are thousands of solar and storage companies in the United States, across all Congressional districts, including solar installers, electricians, developers, engineering firms, manufacturers, and more. All strongly support the energy provisions in the IRA.  The incentives also lower costs for Americans, from family budgets to business overhead.

The burgeoning solar and storage industry already supports more than 255,000 families across America with good paying careers. The IRA is expected to lead to nearly half a million American solar and storage jobs and help the industry invest over half a trillion dollars in the economy over the next decade. These jobs will be created as our investments flow throughout the economy, building factories, and constructing clean energy infrastructure.

We chose to do business in the growing field of clean energy by looking forward and planning for the future. Americans overwhelmingly support the clean energy policies because they are creating jobs, lowering costs, encouraging manufacturing, and building energy security.

We urge you to reject efforts to repeal or weaken the energy provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act.


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