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Lausanne 4 Regional Gathering South Asia LSA'23

With your application for Lausanne 4 you are also considered to take part at LSA '23 (Lausanne South Asia 2023)
This form is specifically enquiring about your interest in attending the LSA '23 congress, which will be held from 31st October to 2nd November in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

All participants must bear the cost of traveling and reaching the venue and pay the corresponding registration fee:
  • Participants from Sri Lanka: Day Scholar 70USD / with Hotel Stay 100 USD
  • International Participants: Double Occupancy 175USD / Single Occupancy 225 USD
  • Online Participation: before 31st July: 20 USD / after August 01: 40 USD
If your name is not pre-filled below, please do not continue with the form.  Contact for the correct link. 


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For Sri Lanka residents: 

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Thank you that you are interested to join LSA23. You will receive a confirmation Email with the registration details after the selection.