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Engaged Opportunity Grant Final Report

Please note that this report is due 13 months after receipt of funding.

We appreciate you taking the time to reflect on what you and your team have accomplished with grant support and the David M. Einhorn Center for Community Engagement. We are interested in what you have learned and the impact of your work, along with any challenges you might have encountered. In addition, your responses to the questions below will provide useful information to share with various audiences, both internal and external to Cornell University. Lastly, your feedback will assist us in improving the quality of Einhorn Center programming and support for grantees.

You may save this form at any time and return to complete it. You will be able to preview and save this application before final submission.

Feel free to contact einhorncenter@cornell.edu with any questions.

Describe any changes to team membership/composition:
  • Team Leader
  • Faculty
  • Staff 
  • Partnerships
1,500 character limit / approx. 1/4 page
Describe the goals and objectives set for this project and progress in achieving them.

In addition to the above, please respond to the bulleted questions below:
  • Where are you in your process?
  • What key steps have you taken?
  • What important decisions have you made?
  • How (if applicable) have team members contributed to progress?
  • What challenges have you (and/or team members) encountered and what strategies, successful or unsuccessful, have you taken to over come these?
  • Please provide other important results/information, including compelling stories (linked, if possible) not captured by the questions above.
10,000 character limit / approx. 2 pages

Describe your assessment of student learning outcomes that were specified in your proposal. Please describe how learning was strengthened with concrete examples of changes in students' knowledge, skills, attitudes and/or behaviors. Please attach any strategies, tools and/or rubrics that were used to assess student learning outcomes.

5,000 character limit / approx. 1 page

How has your project benefited community partners and/or impacted community-identified needs?

2,500 character limit/ approx. 1/2 page

Please list and describe any publications, presentations, products, awards, and/or funding that have been related to this funding. If you anticipate any upcoming publications or presentations, please highlight those as well.
Field 1


The Einhorn Center is interested in photos of funded projects to feature in communications materials including the website, news articles, brochures, and social media.

Please upload your top three photos below and email einhorncenter@cornell.edu with any others that you'd like to share.

A few things to remember:
  • Please send the largest file you can - whether the photos come from a cell phone or a camera.
  • Confirm consent before sharing photos of community members (or anyone who is not a Cornell student or faculty/staff member). It's best to have written consent that they understand that their photo will be used for promotional purposes.
  • The Einhorn Center cannot accept photos taken of research subjects.