Payment Plan Request - SUTS 24

As part of SUTS 2024, CMS Victoria are offering the option of payment plans: where attendees and families can pay their full ticket fees over a number of instalments in the leadup to SUTS. 

Fill out the form below and one of our staff will contact you with a proposed payment plan based on your preferences. Payments can be made by direct bank transfer.

Please note that payment plans are only applicable to full ticket payments. For more information regarding further discounts or subsidies, please contact CMS Victoria at or call 03 9894 4722.

Ticket prices can be viewed at the following links: SUTS Melbourne | SUTS Youth

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Number of Tickets Required

Please choose at least 1 ticket type.

Monthly Fortnightly Set number of instalments
Please note that payment plans with an end date after 5th January 2024 are subject to approval by the Director of Partnerships. 

Please enter the date by which you can make your first payment.

Please enter the date by which you can make your final payment.
Terms and Conditions

1. For the duration of the instalment plan term, you must pay the instalment amounts as agreed by you and outlined in your instalment plan confirmation letter.


2. If you fail to adhere to your instalment plan, CMS may terminate the agreed instalment plan and demand immediate payment of all outstanding amounts.


3. If you face difficulty in making the required payments under the instalment plan, you must contact CMS. Additional assistance may be available to you, but you must contact CMS.


4. You may make early repayment of the total amount of the remaining instalments  for tickets to SUTS but you still must meet your payment obligations by the deadline decided between you and CMS. To arrange early repayment of an instalment plan, please contact CMS directly.


5. Early repayment of your instalment plan does not affect your obligation to pay outstanding ticket cost until fully paid off.


6. CMS reserves the right to cancel an instalment plan if CMS has not received payment of an instalment, after the date on which that payment falls due. CMS will send a reminder if a payment is not received  but will cancel an instalment plan if no response is received after reminders are sent than you will be notified in writing of cancelation.


7. If you fail to repay the remaining arrears CMS may seek to recover the amounts owing or cancel your tickets if still unpaid 3 days before camp/conference.


8. If CMS cancels an instalment plan, CMS may reinstate the instalment plan at its discretion.


9. If you wish to dispute any aspect of the instalment plan, you should contact CMS directly.

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