AEDP Small Business Counseling Request 

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Please fill out this form to request a counseling appointment with Alexandria Small Business. The more information you provide, the better we will be able to help you. 

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I hereby request a business consultation from the Alexandria Economic Development Center (AEDP).


I understand that this consultation is free of charge and that I incur no obligation to AEDP or its business consultants for providing this business consultation.


In consideration of AEDP delivering this business consultation, I hereby indemnify and hold AEDP and its business consultants harmless from all claims that I may now or in the future have against AEDP or its business consultants.  AEDP and its business consultants disclaim all liability with respect to any actions taken or not taken by me based on this business consultation.


It is further understood that I shall construe none of the business consulting services to be furnished by AEDP or its business consultants to constitute legal, accounting or other professional advice.  My own lawyer, accountant or other professional advisors can only provide me with such advice.