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Welcome Credit for Comfort Contractors! 

We are excited you are interested in offering SELF financing as one of your options. SELF financing is good for you because we do NOT charge Dealer Fees, Guarantee Payment, and occasionally send you pre-qualified customers to quote. SELF financing is good for your Customers because there is no minimum credit score required, affordable interest rates starting at 5% fixed, and our unsecured installment loans help build credit. Because SELF is an award-winning non-profit Green Bank, you can feel good about offering our loans to your Customers. And, we also finance improvements on mobile homes!

Get Ready to enjoy all the benefits of the SELF Contractor Network!

As the authorized agent for this business, please be prepared to submit required credentials and to acknowledge the Terms and Conditions for the completion of the application.

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Company & Contact Information

Company Information
Contact Information

Contact Information

Service Areas
What counties in Alabama, Florida, and Georgia are you readily available to service?

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Please indicate all product(s) that your business is licensed to offer and install.

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Terms &  Conditions
Terms & Conditions