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Funding is available for Senior Officials who work a minimum of four sessions at a Swimming Canada Designated Competition more than 100 km from their residence.  The maximum grant amount is $500 per event with a maximum of $1,000 per official per Swim Alberta fiscal year (July 1 – June 30).  Additional requests beyond the $1,000 may be divided among all officials making application to a maximum of $500 per event in June of each year.  Swim Alberta will provide up to $6,000 annually supporting officials travel.


·       The official must have completed their second evaluation and be eligible to work at the Swim Alberta Provincial Championships as a referee.

·       The official must demonstrate support by consistently working at provincial level competitions.

·       The official must indicate their willingness to progress beyond the provincial level competitions.

·       Must be an Alberta or Northwest Territories resident, with affiliation status as an official of Swim Alberta and Swimming Canada. 

·       Travel subsidy may be applied for every year. (Priority will be given to developing officials now at the senior level).

·       Applicants who receive funding may not submit the same expenses from the same meet to the National Officials Travel Program.

·       Officials must minimally work 4 sessions at the competition.

·       Officials working at a World Para Swimming designated competition as an official in training may be eligible.


·       Applicants must apply to Swimming Canada to officiate at a Swimming Canada Designated Competition. 

·       If there is no previous deck experience as a referee/starter – the official must be willing to officiate in another position and be evaluated as necessary.

·       Post-competition, the applicant must provide Swim Alberta with a confirmation of their meet attendance including sessions worked and deck assignments.  Receipts of expenses must be submitted.  In addition, the official must declare any other sources of funding that may have been secured.

·       Submission of expenses should be submitted to Swim Alberta within 30 days following the competition.

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