ICAS Foundation Mentor Application Form

Application Guidelines
The ICAS Foundation programme provides support for undergraduate university students from disadvantaged backgrounds to study accounting or finance related degrees at university.  
  • Bursaries are awarded to eligible students up to a maximum value of £2,500 per annum (at the discretion of the ICAS Foundation Trustees). This funding is intended to assist students with the costs of studying at university such as accommodation, study materials, travel and living costs. While the bursary awards can also be used to support your personal development with experience or qualifications, the bursary should not be used to support day to day living expenses of other family members. 
  • Mentoring support is provided by a qualified Chartered Accountant, who has volunteered to assist a student with impartial guidance and the benefit of their experience. This is a structured, one to-one relationship that focuses on the needs of the student and is designed to support and encourage them to develop their potential in line with their career aspirations. 
  • Help is offered to find suitable work experience, internships and graduate roles, particularly via the ICAS Foundation's partners.
Before submitting this application form, please ensure you have read the Mentor Volunteer Role Description document which outlines the requirements and expectations of volunteers undertaking this role. You can find this on the ICAS Foundation website at www.icasfoundation.org.uk/support-us/mentor/.

Completing Your Application

Please submit your application using the form below. If you are unable to submit your application using the online form, please contact enquiries@icasfoundation.org.uk. 

Please complete all the questions, answering as fully as possible. All information supplied will be treated in the strictest of confidence. 

Selection and Confirmation 

  • Applications will be reviewed by the ICAS Foundation team and acknowledged within one week of submission. Applications may be submitted throughout the year, however in general interviews and matching take place during the recruitment phase of July to October.
  • New mentors will be invited to attend an interview during the recruitment phase. This interview will provide more details regarding the ICAS Foundation mentoring and provide the Foundation team with the opportunity to understand your motivations and experience. References are generally taken up shortly before or after the interview takes place. 
  • Final confirmation of the interview outcome will be provided after the interview has taken place and references have been received. 
  • Successful applicants will be asked to complete a volunteer agreement which outlines the responsibilities of volunteer mentors and the support they can expect to receive from the ICAS Foundation while volunteering.
Personal Details
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Your home address is the address that will be used for correspondence about your application.
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Please ensure that there are no extra spaces at the start or end of your email address, as this will prevent submission of the form.
If you would prefer to be contacted via your work email, please also provide your work email address.
Educational Background
Please provide details of any educational awards achieved after leaving school. 
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Current Employment
We use information about your current employer and role when matching students and mentors. We will also discuss this information at interview.
Please provide contact details for one referee who can inform us about your character and comment on your suitability for undertaking this role. We prefer referees who have recently worked with you, however you may provide an alternative referee if this is not possible or there is someone who can comment specifically on previous work with young people.

You should check with your referee before submitting this form that they are happy to be contacted directly by the ICAS Foundation to provide a reference for you.
Your home address is the address that will be used for correspondence about your application.
Additional Information
Where students are under the age of 18 at time of matching, mentors are required to undertake Protection of Vulnerable Groups Scheme membership in order to support the student. If you are not willing to join the PVG Scheme in relation to this role, please select No.
This document is available via our website at https://www.icasfoundation.org.uk/support-us/mentor
We encourage applications from mentors who have additional or unique experiences to share with our students.

If relevant to any of the questions below, please provide further details in your personal statement.
You can choose ‘Prefer not to say’ as your answer, but an accurate response does help us gather statistical data.
Personal Statement
Your personal statement is a key part of assessing your application and should tell us why you are applying to the ICAS Foundation. There is no wrong or right way to complete the personal statement, but as we are keen to understand your background, please include a paragraph on each of the following points:

Your Application

  • Why you are applying to mentor with the ICAS Foundation
  • Particular areas where you can contribute most to a mentoring relationship
You and Your Skills
  • Please briefly describe your current or most recent role, including any experience of mentoring or coaching during this role.
  • Your participation in community activities (volunteering, clubs, etc). 
  • Any additional experience you have in mentoring, counselling or coaching.
Additional Details
  • Any other information relevant to your application.
Submitting Your Application
The ICAS Foundation is a Registered Scottish Charity SC034836.

By submitting your application, you confirm that, to the best of your knowledge, all information you have given is accurate. You also agree to supply any additional information we require to process your application. 

Before submitting your application to us, please ensure you have checked the ICAS Foundation Application Guidelines and completed all of the application form. Incomplete applications which have not completed all required fields will not be submitted. 

If you have any queries regarding your application, please contact the ICAS Foundation by email at enquiries@icasfoundation.org.uk.

The ICAS Foundation is fully committed to handling personal information in accordance with data protection legislation and best data protection practices. Our Privacy Policy explains our approach to the personal information we handle in carrying out our activities as a registered charity. You can find this on our website at: https://www.icasfoundation.org.uk/who-we-are/privacy-anddata-protection