Investors - Expression of Interest

Interested in investing in the Curby Platform & soft plastics processing?

While there is a strong desire from government and the citizens of Australia to see soft plastics properly recycled, and not ending up in landfill or the environment, post-consumer soft plastics recycling is a critically underdeveloped market in Australia. With the recent downfall of the Redcycle recycling program highlighting the lack of processing infrastructure for this kind of material, the Federal government has recently announced the Recycling Modernisation Fund - Plastics Technology Stream.

Interest and government support for investment into soft plastics recycling has never been higher.

Curby Rescue Pty Ltd (Curby) has successfully implemented the Curby Soft plastics recycling program that enables households to recycle soft plastics from home, and has been working diligently with partners to develop processing and offtakes for material collected under the program. While we have had success, we need help to expand and to develop sustainable processing options so that all Australians have access to soft plastics recycling and ensure all collected material ends up going to the best possible outcome.

We have big plans and innovative sustainable solutions. Join us to make it happen.

If you are interested in investing into the innovation Curby is making to Australian recycling - please fill out the form below: