Tree Dedication ($2500)

Thank you for your interest in a Tree Dedication. A Tree Dedication is a lasting and very special way to celebrate and honor those you love. This allows you to honor a loved one through a tree that you plant and have it registered on our tree dedications map. Their dedicated tree will provide natural beauty, clean air, relaxing shade, wildlife refuge, and many other community benefits for years to come.

Your Tree Dedication includes:

  • One (1) tree;
  • Choice from select tree species and planting locations that Casey Trees will be planting in the upcoming tree planting season;
  • An in-person dedication on the day of the planting - Casey Trees staff members assist in facilitating the dedication, and provide everything needed to plant the tree.
  • Inclusion on our Tree Dedications Map;
  • A tree dedication certificate sent to the honoree. The certificate will include the tree species and location of the tree;
  • A signed letter and tax receipt acknowledging the gift.

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(Subject to locations where Casey Trees will be planting in the upcoming season. A Casey Trees employee will work with you to find a similar or nearby location, if possible.

After submitting this form, you will receive an email receipt to the email you provided. A Casey Trees employee will be in contact with you soon about your tree dedication. Thank you.

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