Team Together 2024
For all past, present and future team; that’s right even the "oooo-maybe-I-will-this-year" team… come party with us at Team Together Saturday 2nd September from 10:30am-7pm!

We're planning a day of worship, teaching, leaders tip and tricks, planning, dreaming and scheming and..... oh yeah, a bonfire and BBQ and hot chocolate mountains.

The festival is totally amazing.... because of you! And we're longing to hang out again as #oneteam.

New Wine is about being generous in our love, service, and unity - which is why we want to lavish our love on you in September (don't worry Kids Zone, we don't lavish love with pies to the face!). As team we're more amazing when we spend time together as #oneteam, expectant in the power and presence of God so come if you've decided to be on team, come if you're considering it, tell others come who've never been before - you don’t have to be registered for festival, just come to tropical Feilding (kidding - bring your gumboots).
Cost: FREE!
If you don't have one, write "N/A"