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The JustUS Coordinating Council (JCC) is a national network of individuals who are system-impacted (including arrest, charge, conviction, probation, or parole) as well as allied organizations and community partners who are working in the social justice space across all 50 states, including D.C., that builds stakeholder engagement to inform decision-making at the federal, state, and local policy levels.  

Our mission is to enhance quality of life for justice-impacted individuals and their communities by dismantling the policies that uphold systemic oppression and marginalization rooted in racial inequalities and collateral consequences in order to restore human dignity.

Members of the JCC form the interconnected network of directly-impacted citizens, allied organizations, and community partners who work for change. You will have exclusive access to stakeholder engagement, Federal speakers series, justice policy training and toolkits, and network expansion opportunities with leaders across the country as we form the first-of-it-kind Federal policy table led by those impacted by the criminal legal system. Participation is voluntary, and there is no minimum time commitment required of JCC members. 

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